Karol Pichler’s (1957) project TIME-SQUARES, created for the FAICA gallery is about the exploration of time and the way we personally perceive it. To accomplish this, the artist created interactive situations connected to the perception of time. Interactivity is the central element of this show and through which the works will come to life. Another key element, a working tool and as well, a theme of Pichler’s exhibition, is communication, as he provides a view of the visitor’s inner “self” and priorities. Using the existing divisions of the FAICA’s Gallery space, Karol Pichler presents three situations, in time and space utilizing the past, present and future. As the time is determined by space and vice versa, this “self-searching” will happen in each of the different spaces. Each gallery room has a table, a play-field of interaction and a metaphoric buffet available to visitors.

Lýdia Pribišová



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