Jiří Surůvka has already exhibited his work in the Jelení Gallery. The Foundation and Centre of Contemporary Art granted him with a two-month scholarship in the USA and he presented his work resulting from the American experience in the Jelení gallery. The exhibition was called the Last Grant. At the same time, texts inconsolably comparing the life and art platform in Ostrava and San Francisco were published in Umělec (artist) magazine. Hypocrisy, banality, cliché. It was his last solo exhibition in Prague. He presented the Czech Republic at the Venice Biennale in 2001. The sixth volume of the academic Czech Art History came out in 2007 and his painting from the Warlords series is labeled as a „Pear“ there. He arrived in Prague after many years and for amusement he presented few pieces of his work illustrating (his) present situation in Ostrava.

Blanka Švédová


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