The exhibition introduced by the author giving a lecture from the ENTRANCE TALKS series.

The project „Entrance Talks“ draws attention to contemporary young artists in a new way. The series of contemporary art presentations for public will be held approximately every month in the Entrance Gallery. A selected artist will present himself and his work in a direct confrontation to his current authorial exhibition. At the end of each event the participants can ask questions, express their opinions and respond to the presentation.

„According to the bottom tool bar of my computer it is 10.35 pm, Sunday 22nd April 2012. I am 32 years, 10 month, 3 weeks and 2 days old. A table lamp I got recently illuminates pleasantly my desk. I am sitting on my old chair with a red leatherette upholstering. It is a bit cramped there, because canvases, folders with drawings and other stuff is leant against the wall behind me. According to a note in my diary I should have sent the exhibition promo materials to the Entrance Gallery two days ago, on Friday 20th April, but I haven’t started working on it until today. The delay was caused by a poor time organisation. The project I am to present in the Entrance Gallery was created last summer within 28 days – it isn’t important where and when. Arrangement of the gathered material took me other few nights. I can say that most of the time I worked in very comfortable conditions. From time to time someone disturbed me, but the biggest obstacle were my own bodily needs. While writing this text I had to take a break to have something to eat and when I came back to my computer, somebody called me. The phone call took 18 minutes and 19 seconds. Thanks to electronics we can trace precisely how we spend our time. It is 1:29 am, Monday 23rd April 2012. I am 32 years, 10 months, 3 weeks and 3 days old.“

Text: Václav Magid




  1. Petrlík says on11. Nov. 2012:

    velmi podprůměrné.

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