The Kabinet T. Gallery in the 32nd building of the Factory area Zlín organised historically last event in its present space called MODUS OPERANDI. The term modus operandi is used by criminalists to label a distinctive way of commiting crime. It is something like a fingerprint, distinguishable signature or unmistakable way which helps to identify the culprit. Modus operandi of art supporters means creating contra-webs, autonomous zones, sudden disappearances and emersions in the system loopholes. The Modus operandi event lied in transforming the space before its closure. Bařinka worked there all the week and those interested could watch the whole process in its different stages that are also photographically documented. The final installation culminated at the point of opening the exhibition. Modus operandi was originally meant to be a collective project of the two artists Petr Bařinka and Pavel Strnad. But the preparations were tragically disrupted. One of the authors – Pavel Strnad, unexpectedly ended his life (1977-2012). That is why Petr Bařinka changed the original conception into a spatial installation of his late friend’s drawings. The event expressed the mourning and honoured the memory of the artist.

Michal Tošner



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