Window to the VVP AVU Video Archive

A record of an early performance by Jiří Černický (*1966) which took place in the industrial surroundings of Ústí nad Labem. At that time he organized about seven land and body art events commenting on painting possibilities. The performances survived mainly thanks to photographic documentation and partly thanks to video recordings (besides Iron, it is also Potential Painting and Meteobody Painting – all 1991).

In the event projected here the artist worked with the heat effect and a motif of reflection. He used the Iron – “a female” appliance touching intimate garments but at the same time a „male“ impersonal tool used as a mirror and a brush. He stepped back from the camera to the place where a fata morgana originated due to the thermal inversion. Then he plugged in his „industrial toilet mirror“ again, via which he sent messages towards the camera. The hot surface of the iron caused that his face gradually turned red. When the zoom lens was removed, you could see the shimmering air above the airport area turning red. This is how the surroundings (universe) changed by an intimate change of the actor.

In the Window to the Archive programme the AVU Research Center in Prague (VVP AVU) in conjunction with Artyč is regularly releasing works from the VVP AVU video archive (go to The selection for Artyč focuses on older works (materials from the end of the 20th century), works bordering on video art, film and documentation, or on purely documentary materials related to the recent development of Czech and Slovak visual art.




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