Kateřina Burgertová graduated from the Studio of Painting and since then she has focused on drawings and within a very short period of time developed a really specific approach to drawing. As she says – I am still only getting ready and yearning for painting. In the meantime she creates often time-consuming and refined poems drawn in pencil, impressive by their deep melancholy, delicate form and an unusually sophisticated aim at an absolute accuracy and comprehensiveness of poetic or dream visions.

Kateřina Burgertová was somewhat inspired by the film l’Enfant Sauvage (1970) directed by the French director François Truffaut and she borrowed the title for her new cycle of „drawn paintings“. The boy in Truffaut’s film could not speak when he was found, did not know basic manners and he never got to know the origins of his family. He spent his childhood for some mysterious reason alone in the forest. The only thing you could be sure of was the fact that it was too late to teach such an individual to speak and it was not possible to socialise nor educate him.

In her five-part cycle a feral child becomes the key to a balladic story and at the same time a guide appearing for a while and then disappearing again. Each work of Kateřina Burgertová represents a thorough reconstruction of an inner landscape where other characters show up – e.g. gloomy sisters, a fisherman with his dog or an old woman’s ghost. Special attention is paid to the landscapes and interiors cumulating together with a feverish obsession and creating natural components or detailed furnishings of the rooms. The evocation of such places is based among others on mutual interdigitation of various situations and parallel stories, non-existence of the horizon and ignorance of perspective. This intensifies the possibility of how to read the images differently. Although everything has got an accurate and recognizable form, the viewer may get lost in the compositions and it can take him a long time to find one´s way back.

Michal Pěchouček





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