Special Programmes

The musician and artist Vladimír 518 is a man of many parts and interests. In light leather car seat with Pink Floyd playing in the backgroud, he eagerly spoke how he, following in Karel Svoboda’s footsteps, fell for BMW 7 series, how cars dictate terms to landscape and about an absolute identification with his own car.

Autism is a new format of short films about motoring, art and broader cultural and civilizational context prepared by the authorial trio Hynek Alt, Pavel Vančát and Jan Vidlička in a co-operation with Artycok.tv. Pilot series of short-footage profiles of artists and cars related to them aim to conceive a car as a personification of an individuality and self-projection. First three episodes also show interesting cultural personalities in unusual situations and answers. Starring: Theodor Pištěk,Olgoj Chorchoj, Jasanský/Polák, Vladimír 518.

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