The report presented is an edited extract from an email conversation we were having intensively for several days without a direct intention of another use. (Before this appeal was announced). It reflects a rich experience with institutional art operation we went through particularly after 2000. Within the conversation we chose from a wide spectrum of possibilities and performed two different identities – positions: an exhibition architect and a methodist of new exhibition strategies. Despite high divergence, efforts for humorous point, historical divagations or pursuit of definitions, the email conversation is predominated by an attempt to gather enough arguments so that the current institutional environment started perceiving exhibitions or „making exhibitions“ with an adequate attention. Methodical questions how to visualize contemporary art in a gallery setting can be thus answered obliquely and no unambiguous suggestions are made. Regardless we are both spontaneously convinced of relation to the theme given at least in the moment when the word „contemporary“ is bracketed for the III. thematic area.

Jakub Stejskal

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