The installation created by Denisa Lehocká for this exhibition in SNG takes up one entire floor of the Esterházyho Palace. The project itself is composed in a fashion similar to most of the author’s other works – it is a spatial collage combined with re-evaluation of space / architecture. Being a complex installation, it comprises of Lehocká’s drawings, paintings, objects, but also drawing tools, gallery installation components, as well as selected collection items from the Slovak National Gallery: a table designed by architect Dušan Samuel Jurkovič, or seats from architect Ján Nemec, who is the author of SNG’s interior design together with architect Vladimír Dedeček. All of these and other items together with randomly found natural objects constitute one whole.

Denisa Lehocká’s work is characteristic for its free creation in space, however, it is neither a paraphrase nor a metaphor of the surrounding world’s relations, nor is it an autobiographic confession; rather, it stands as their visual transformation. Even though all of her works have a strong autobiographic element, they tend towards a more general expression.


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