This is the stage that a collective of three young artists, Karel Koplimets, Taaniel Raudsepp and Sigrid Viir, enter with an unexpected angle in 2009. (1) In collaboration, they form a creative industries unit called Visible Solutions LLC, soon in the commercial register as an enterprise with full legal status. As a starting point, the shareholders of this artwork-enterprise declare, “Visible Solutions LLC is an art project, an artwork-enterprise that operates in the fields of art and the economy, combining aspects of both fields, and is constantly seeking new methods to create symbolic and economic capital and methods for converting one into the other.” (2)In April 2010, Visible Solutions temporarily closes Hobusepea Gallery and opens an office there to promote their products. As evident from the attitude and how the artists represent themselves as entrepreneurs, even during their first endeavour, it is not a parody or conventionally ironic gesture aimed at the creative industries, it is rather something much more elaborate – a simulation, a mimicry, an interactive translation between contexts in art and in business, a self-colonization.

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