In Rotterdam there are the big ships, drawbridges, skyscrapers, and a lot of industry.
And Creative factory.
Interesting cumulation of creative people. In the old grain silo.

Creative people can be more business, business people can be more creative in this institution. One artist was sent there . He wanted to know how the creativity looks like there. How they manage it, how he can manage it. How he could manage it, if they will help him.

You can join the knowledge competition, if you will see the movie until the end.
The question is: “How a sheep can chew so long without the putting grass into the mouth?”
Please send the correct answers to

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  1. 2046 says on21. Jan. 2013:

    … mimochodem existuje restaurace pro lidi co nejedi ..rekneme ze existuji na “Prane”.. a v tyhle restauraci si objednavaji jidlo jen abyse na nej divali.

    ..myslim ze srovnani umelce se zvejkajici ovci s razdnymi usty naprosto dokonale :) ..mozna tam neni v cem soutezit :D