The exhibition of Hungarian artist Tamás Kaszás (1976), organized by Faica Gallery, has been moved from the premises at Franciscan Square into Cyprian Majernik Gallery. Cargo cult is a religious practice, which has appeared among many traditional tribal societies (New Guinea, Melanesia, Micronesia), because of their interaction with the developed cultures. Members of these tribes are persuaded that manufactured goods are not produced but created by “good spirits” who have only given these goods to the white people by mistake. They believe that by repeating their rituals they can get this precious cargo back. This is a good example of how the theory of cargo cult can lead to cultural misunderstandings and acquiring of social patterns. The following exhibits help us to imagine fictional cultures and subcultures of the utopian or dystopian future.
Nowadays we are witnessing the economic and ecologic crisis caused by the society we belong to. This crisis can be a sign of the coming collapse, as it is impossible to stop/change the way of our living. The total collapse, however, might be a chance to build up a better society. This chance will concern only those who are ready to live without electricity, petrol, industriously-made food and other comfort.

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