Situational Models of Communication is a long-awaited retrospective exhibition of the Slovakian conceptual artist Ľubomír Ďurček (born 1948). The exhibition presents and in many cases for the first time also „tests“ his work from 1970ies and 1980ies in the exhibition context.

The exhibition is structured into several blocs. Selected performative pieces of art link the period socio-political discourse, or refer to the societal context of Ďurček’s work. Part of the exhibition represents his concentrated processual experiments with writing, texts or typography, his private events are also documented by drawing experiments (so called different drawing). Some work of performative nature is related to Ďurček’s psycho-geographical research, geotagging and demarcating, completing, or determinating space of the reality discovered. The exhibition also shows some projects created together with the events participants, including instructions and scenarios of his unrealized projects.
One of the joint lines among presented sequences are performances documented in photographs within which he stylized himself into a „live statue“ likewise Július Koller he had cooperated with for a long time. These physical still-lives write a figural feature into a part of the reality discovered the author intervenes in.

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