Painter Juraj Kollar is not a fun of a first-planned experimentation. Concerning his genre he works mostly with traditional genres such as – landscape, cities, portraits, details of the urban environment. Kollar is first of all a mature painter who continually and consistently investigates into possibilities of painting; he verifies its capacity.
His current work is based on two polarities – raster and unfolding. He questions the rational principle of setting up an images; he questions it by optical misting and violating of a clearly recognizable item. A mimetically defined object is replaced by matter-of-factness. Gestures, scanning, squeezing, optical vibration or index features of objects form the structure of the painting, which is at the same time also an interpretation of the original sketch, having a form of a photo.
Landscape painting enriched by the net structure which Kollar includes in the painting is being optically dispersed into many little pasty areas. A sort of reversible divisionism makes these areas vibrate. The orthogonal raster relativizes the view outside- to the landscape and returns it back to the picture – to the surface in order to make it easier to understand.
The visual side enriched by the material quality leads us to believe that the author is looking for abstract principles in the realistically perceived world. Kollar´s approach to the painting is a redefinition of the traditional one. It is an analytical structuring of reality with the aim of revealing its unsubstantial essence.

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