“Because of its beliefs, the Figure agrees to being promoted to a position which is beyond its abilities. To be a Figure is to play a role so that you only play a role, what is more, you play it rather poorly. To be a Figure means to act as if you were not responsible, as if up there there were agents who think, plan, and make decisions for you. They are the responsible ones.”

“When the ship is sinking and there is a hole of the size of a big gate below its waterline, a reasonable captain does not send his cabin-boy to paint the mast. We don’t even have time to think about how we write, what kind of poetry and prose it is. We live in the midst of an earthquake.”

The exhibition involves a 24-hour marathon of reading of texts by Ladislav Mňačko, Ludvík Vaculík, Dominik Tatarka, and Pavel Kohout and a relay-stick which listens and voicelessly agrees to what is read. The marathon will start on the day of the opening at 8. a.m.


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