Dušan Záhoranský together with the Slovak curator Vladimír Beskid created a set of text objects and an installation for the exhibition project „Circle“. The installation AUTHOR consists of six wooden alphabets from which a word can be temporarily made.

Other new projects (WORD, TEXT, POEM) aim to find a non-verbal definition of a verbal construct. The authors invited young artists (three men and two women) who engage in creative publishing. It is not only about the object of authorial books but the guests presented also make use of resourceful distribution and editorial procedures. They infiltrate into libraries (Jan Jáchim) or publish authorial books on the bounds of art gesture and literature (Aleš Čermák).

Invited by Václav Magid, they created for the 207 Gallery (the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague) three authorial – lay interpretations of linguistics called „The Cabinet of Linguistic Circle“. The composition was made by font „RIP“ (created by ripping off glued magazine pages), LANGUAGE (black and white printer with an infinite loop of paper sheet and own notes) and a shelf LIBRARY (books were rebound so that their contents ovelapped by 100 pages).


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