The exhibition traces the decline spatiotemporal metaphysics, conceptual universe, and the absence of negative forms turned into the attendance melancholic landscapes, endless cold and light scattering, where the horizon in vain looking for a reference point. Surface cloud coincides with the snow slope so that the climber has to recognize the problem, where the solid ground before him, and where the gap is only covered with a cloud. “I like everything that is white. I cast. I do not mind the profane. I like it because it is not. It doesn’t suggest any thoughts, but our thoughts are obedient. Does not lie in the grass like a stone, or growing, like a tree. Still developing … “says Stanislav Kolíbal in the catalog of his exhibition at New Hall (1967). The third dimension was reached, and the fourth is trying to get out weakly. White Whale. White is the color permeates all modern twentieth century. Meets the ideas of modernism, rationalism, colonialism, racism, purism, minimalism, conceptualism, arte povera, reductionism is … the beginning of the input for space concerns the spatialism works of Lucio Fontana and his White Manifesto, which in 1946 marked the emptying rituals Yves Klein. White is dematerialized blue IKB. Intrusion into the void space, white universe, noted a number of other concepts for all Piero Manzoni, Robert Ryman, Stano Filko and many others.

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