Gif festival 2012 is an international festival of short GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) animations primarily focused on free and independent production. Contemporary worldwide production will be presented within several hundred hours of projection.

About 600 animations from all over the world has been shown, also there has been a section presenting one hundred Czech animations. The festival puts on unique films of renowned authors.

The *.gif format has been used since 1987 when its primary version was introduced. These days animated *.gif undergoes its revival and that is why the *.gif FESTIVAL focuses on it! It is an undemanding format of qualities that can not be achieved by any other format. Viewers are offered a motion picture similarly like in a cinema. In contrast with a movie projection, several constantly repetitive films are presented. Music, sound, dialogues, subtitles and complex story are missing. The viewers discover repetition, openess and space for imagination instead. Animated *.gif becomes owing to its limitation and consequent high level of stylization an amazing art medium. If properly made, it can hide a message several times surpassing data demanding formats on scale of very few films. A significant characteristic is also its position on the boundary of static picture and video requiring both artistic and film approach.

We are attracted by animated *.gif as it is a TRASH/TREASURE type of format.

Animated *.gif is a visual perpetuum mobile of minimum data content.

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