The word “reality” doesn’t apriori contain anything negative or positive. “Reality” is real, hence reality is simply the way “it is”. On the contrary its opposite – “fiction” – is illusive, apparent and invented.

Reality is truthful and therefore true, while fiction is unreal and therefore lying.

If we call something as “reality”, it indeed means, that it is us, who interpret this something as “reality”. Reality therefore requires an interpreter to be. This interpreter doesn’t have a neutral relation towards it, but already somehow perceives this reality. Reality is therefore being perceived through interpreter’s mood, senses and from a context where this interpreter is and where he also finds himself. The judgment of marking a reality also requires a certain knowledge. At least the knowledge of difference between reality and fiction.

However reality may exist independently from an interpreter, independently from its marking as reality, this reality then indeed cannot be marked as “reality”. Reality, which is not marked as a “reality”, is a reality, which doesn’t exist and therefore a fictional reality. Consequently marked reality is a reality, which cannot be real, as it exists only as a sign. Both marked and aside an interpreter independently existing reality, are fictional realities.

Fiction, which has not been marked as a “fiction”, is a fictional fiction, therefore a fiction. If someone has interpreted something as “fiction”, it consequently means, that this interpreter marked it as an illusion, appearance and invention. Fiction considered as an untrue and lie therefore cannot be lying, as it is already a lie. If I suggest “I am lying” in both cases I certainly say truth. Fiction is therefore always a true fiction.

Perception, which is, from their very essence, required by both reality and fiction, is a fictional perception of reality and a real perception of fiction. Reality is therefore always more fictional then any fiction.

Reality is also always fiction and fiction is always reality. However this doesn’t mean, that fiction and reality would be interchangeable. If fiction would become reality, it wouldn’t be fiction anymore. If reality would become fiction, it wouldn’t be reality anymore.

Fiction is real and reality fictional.

Fiction considered as infinite amount of variations of infinity of fictions in itself includes fictional reality. Reality is therefore derived from fiction, not fiction from reality. Fiction is determining reality. However reality is not a representation of fiction, nor reality is present in fiction. As much as speech, which makes reality and fiction be, nor reality nor fiction are static, but taking place and time based.

While fiction wanted to be in its truthfulness reality, reality in its mendacity became fiction. Unexpectedness and richness of reality can now be only perceived as fictional. Reality is, what the interpreters are creating against fiction, they previously created. All already existed in fiction and only now it has been derived to reality. It is not, that we would not see reality for the amount of fiction, the change is not quantitative but qualitative. In between reality and fiction there is no distance to allow us to see ourselves both in reality or in fiction. The world has changed itself according to its image.


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