Modern Jungian psychology describes the deepest archaic layers of the unconscious as a zone of timelessness. This timeless mental space comprises of archetypal models characteristic of every person.

The models are created during individual life in connection with particular experience through which the person develops and comes into being. Each painting is inspired by personal life of each artist, his experience, emotions and cognition gained in reality but in the end a conscious suppression of the object reality is apparent.


As a figural painter she is familiar with themes coming out from stories depicting memories and atmosphere of all situations. Her picture world is documenting the reality she is familiar with or she virtually roams in, whatever it may be – relationship experience, female corporeity, motherhood, childhood, adolescence, searching oneself in forthcoming nexus. She interprets all this by a line, shape and colour, depicting moments and accidental trivialities so that they turn into uncommon events.


The widow of a significant Hungarian painter and graphic artist Miklós Mazsaroff (1929-1997) decided to annually award a talented young painter from Miskolec and thus support contemporary art in the city. A committee consisting of three art historians and painters helps her with the selection. The Miklós Mazsaroff Award related with financial award has been already bestowed to Ákos Bánki, Róbert Batykó, Renátó Csabai and Róbert Sütő.


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