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Hotel Bôrik was built on the slopes above the Danube river by architects Š. Svetko and Š. Ďurkovič (originally S. Talaš also co-operated).

The hotel was designated for high state authorities and built in connection with the establishment of Czechoslovakian federation. The building lies on a pedestal on which markedly shaped blocs are arranged and connected by links. Each bloc has two lines of windows and cut off corners. Despite its terse shaping which caused for example an exceeded lobby in the interior, its general horizontality on an exposed hillock gives the impression of being harmonious and belongs to the politically elite buildings of the 70ies that were accepted by public without any conflicts.

architects: Štefan Svetko, Štefan Ďurkovič

project: 1967

realization: 1967 – 1973


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  1. 2046 says on31. Mar. 2013:

    hrozne hnusnej barak :)

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