Current residents presented their work and also the overall experience of staying in Košice.

Julia Mensch (ARG)
She is following the step of her grandfather, Rafael Mensch, who was born in the Ukraine from where he emigrated to Argentina in the year 1933, and returned to visit Europe in the 1970s. As a convinced communist he wanted to get to know “Socialism in practice” in the former GDR and the Soviet Union. During the 3 month residency, Julia Mensch found his native village, Salashi, in western part of Ukraine, next to the Schengen border with Poland. She realized there a serial of photographs and interviews, investigating the archives of the region, in order to realized a book and an art piece. Which have as starting point her family story, but will also include the history and present of Salashi and its inhabitants.

Mathijs Lieshout (NL)
During his three month residency Mathijs Lieshout worked in a new exhibition place situated in an upcoming culture center in the north of Kosice. Using more then a hundred years old wood, recycled from a roof construction from an old millitary complex in Kosice, a large thing was built. One that starts on a staircase, goes round a corner and moves further to other rooms in the building.
Bastian Muhr (D)
Bastian Muhr is a German painter who says that in his work he is “eager to find something new and exciting in the process of making“. The image is being formed as he works on it while erasing or adding new layers.He understands the image as only an interesting state of an ongoing process. Even despite this the final image surprisingly often looks minimalistic or reduced.

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