What is art? This banal though difficult-to-answer question has been hanging in the air for almost one century.
As far as I know Ivan Vosecký´s latest work of art was an inscription on a gallery wall – Art is not wanting anything.

Shortly after that exhibition he moved out of his studio, said good-bye to the art scene and settled in the mountains in Šumava. He gave away half of his paintings and used some of them again, often for down-to-earth purposes. However, his mountain cottage with a shed for sheep looks like a highly personal installation in a gallery. In fact it is a materialized dream of the Modern about dissolution of art in life. In comparison to this Duchamp´s chess makes a sorry show and gives an impression of a snobish entertainment.

Whatever our appreciation may be, the end always reminds us of a clean-up. In addition Ivan sorts rubbish, even the semiotic one and he mainly recycles. He has always recycled – try to X-ray his canvases or notice some details of his installations. Actually the above mentioned inscription is only a recycled version of an older text, in which art replaced the original freedom. This is a rather strong symbolics, isn´t it? Perhaps not intentional…
This partly refers to the character of Vosecký´s work and his methods of work.

In fact it is always a close link between the innocent (natural, child-like or just the unintentional) and the significant. A subjective experience or attitude with a holistic approach to the world. The feeling of misunderstanding in the case of Ivan Vosecký (which is almost impossible with an experience of pain or faith) merges with the feeling of understanding (through sympathy or facts which were kept secret). These are rather serious issues and that is why we should not be surprised that his work gives a somewhat harsh and blunt impression. Let us recall that unfortunate sophist in Plato´s Allegory of the cave. Truth simply cannot be narrated in a brilliant way, there is a lack words for description, adumbrations. It is only possible to give hints, search for metaphors and metonymy: Love – Ass. Izrahell. A private psychodrama of a kidney attack and the sorry state of our planet. Junk and genocide of Indians. Or just simply passing on a message (Everything is the will of God. Kill them All…) and unexpected things start to happen…


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