His art attitude could be described as observative and open but at the same time he is also interested in arranging certain situations that offer similarly open field of interpretations like unexpected situations.Although Radim Labuda points out that interpreting his works depends on many variable elements, for example the uniqueness of every viewer, he often refers in secondary texts to the ideas of theoreticians, philosophers and artists such as Walter Benjamin, Vilém Flusser, Michel Foucault or Marcel Duchamp. Thus tension between conceptual form and immediacy is typical of his work. Fragmentarity, extracting from the whole and being aware of enjambments off these bounds allow the viewer to both emotional experience and sophisticated revealing of political, philosophical, social and art references. When he was thinking over a project for an exhibition of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award 2008 finalists, he found inspiration in the attitude of the British-German artist Tin Sehgal who calls his work „invented situations“. Radim Labuda adapted this term to „social situations“ so that it corresponds with his concern for social relations appearing in different forms of corporeality, sexuality, identity, communication and point of view. Radim Labuda has exhibitions in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and abroad. In 2005 he was nominated for the Slovakian Oskar Čepan Award. Three years later he was nominated together with Ondřej Brody, Evžen Šimera, Tomáš Moravec, Zbyněk Baladrán and Jiří Skála for the Jindřich Chalupecký Award. He won the prestigious award with his project consisting of two parts – These: Social Situation. Five bound men and The other one: Social situation. Daniel.heart12, in which he combined performance, video and internet online interview (the exhibition of the finalists took place in the Brno House of Arts, 2008). Along the conception of „social situation“ he financed from the money he was awarded the project Last Rover topped by the exhibition Model Situation: Rover 75 (Václav Špála Gallery in Prague, 2009). However social situation features were apparent in his projects before he got familiar with Tin Seghal attitude. In 2008 he organized a summer tour with his project ADD Soundsystem and he invited another artists from the fields of fine art, music and performance and visitors took part as well. The tour, on which he also cooperated with Darina Alster, started in Prague (CIANT Gallery, Prague, 2008), continued in Kolín (D.I.V.O. Institute, Kolín, 2008), Letovice (Letovice castle, 2008) and Italy (XIII. International Sculpture Biennale, Carrara, 2008). Labuda thus naturally transfers from the role of artist to the position of curator and vice versa. As a curator he participated in the project Videobus (board of Student Agency coaches between Prague – Bratislava and Prague – Košice; c2c Gallery, Prague, 2006). His videos could be seen at several collective exhibitions such as Absurdity? Irony? Comedy? (NoD Gallery, Prague, 2010), Man/Woman/Media (Mínus Trojka, Brno, 2010), Equal Opportunities (c2c Gallery, Prague, 2007), Projection Plan (in public space, Opava, 2007), Punctum (Futura, Prague, 2007) a Czechpoint (NoD Gallery, Prague, 2006; Museum of Art, Žilina, 2007). Minor solo exhibitions and projects he has realized in different places since he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague he summarized in a presentation called Videography (sediment) in the form of performance and projection (NoLab, Prague, 2008). Most of his work is available at his website which is a kind of another platform for possible interpretations and reactions to his work. He is also a curator and a dramaturg (for example the project Audiovisual in Světozor cinema and National Library of Technology in Prague.

Sylva Poláková

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