The first major solo exhibition in Prague Pavla Sceranková thematically connected with the project report of the neocortex, the artist who has prepared two years ago for the Prague City Gallery in the cycle start up. Sceranková has been involved in research on human memory and perception. It reflects the way there is a visual experience, and strives to its reconstruction.

As the name implies, the author of this time inspired by Fritz Lang’s silent film from 1929. Common is not only a title shot and exhibitions, but also their leitmotif – (in) ability of interpersonal communication. For Scerankovou is an important route this time around as pilgrims choose to take the time and effort to understand our own space.
Woman on the Moon project represents objects and installations recalling the isolation of man in his own suit, both physical and mental crust. Pavla Sceranková offers visual experiments, rewritten sensations occurring in the human brain, in the constellation of characters and original shapes.


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