Exhibition Entry code is meant as a temporary activation platform within the institution AVU.

Exhibiting artists are invited approximately thirty visual artists, curators, theorists and musicians of the youngest and middle-aged people, in whose work there are elements of social or institutional elements of reflection or exploration of the processes which lead to a new understanding of the structure and leads to a reassessment of existing paradigms.This is to invite a wider area, not just colleagues from the Academy of Fine Arts, but also people outside the institution who jointly or independently share an interest in cultural processes in general, not least the development of institutions of Fine Arts, and who are able to access these areas of critical reflection . Exhibition Entry code is two weeks lasting happening. Every day for the approximately three outputs directed by invited guests and exhibitors, turns out many different types of statements – performance, video, reading, installation, sound events, concerts, lectures, paper, etc. We are interested in a particular place dynamization at a specific time , the question of possible changes involved and the immediate surroundings. From the beginning to the end of the exhibition will be a web address where you will be broadcasted live recording of current events in the gallery.Exhibition Entry code is initiated joint construction of a simple semi-transparent architecture that creates a space within a space, physically defines the venue and provides some background within the institution. World platform is the institution interacts with the world communication, as well as linking the light and the sound world of temporary architecture of the building with the world. Still, not spaces inside and outside, these two worlds, confused, can not be described as homogeneous. The concept of a code in the context of the exhibition can be seen as a position from which to approach things, which to some extent determines how we treat with these conditions in turn. In other words, what is the nature of the input code may be related to what the nature of the world that we see him. While one of the world has a long-term fixed passcode that protects the second world just reflects on the need for a code change, reassess and conquering oneself and demanding critical perspective. In this sense, the interconnectedness of the world through their institutions and world platform in antagonistic positions. Forward accepted fact limited the duration of the exhibition is connected with the knowledge that comes into rigid platform of institutions that do not lose their “dynamic principle of temporality and exchange.” The platform offers the possibility of reflection, but not for the shortcomings of the institution – for real assumption of responsibility must ultimately constructively critical view based on the entity itself, ie from inside the institution AVU.

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