Roee Rosen lives and works in Israel. He studied Philosophy and Comparative Literature studies at Tel Aviv University. In 1989 Rosen graduated from The School of Visual Arts in New-York and completed his artistic education at the Hunter college in New York in 1991, soon to return to Israel. He currently heads the post graduate visual arts program at HaMidrasha College of Art, and teaches at the Bezalel Art Academy, Jerusalem.
One of Roee Rosen’s formative works revolves around Justine Frank, an invented character who arrived to Israel and was completely forgotten by the Israeli cultural milieu. It exemplifies Rosen`s interest in multiple identities, scatalogical imagery and depictions of the Holocaust.

Roee Rosen’s paintings, films, and writings have become known for their historical and theological consciousness, novelistic imagination, and psychological approach. His work addresses the representation of history, the political economy of memory, and the politics of identity, often exploring the tension between trauma, horror, humor, and truth.
The conversation between Roee Rosen and Joshua Simon – the chief curator of The Bat Yam art Museum was filmed in the end of December 2012.

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