Tanja Widmann creates her artistic works based on an interest in the potency of language and its role in the performative construction of subjectivity.By tying into historical concepts of video-based performance, she explores the techniques of reproduction, memory, and repetition, but also the counterpart of the (camera) apparatus as a machine facilitating recording, affect, and interpretation. Here language is examined as to its conventionality and regularity, with its ambiguity and fundamental openness simultaneously fathomed. In the exhibition, Widmann arranges various media and materials in an open and installative way. The montage approach underlying the video-performance scripts is carried forth in the exhibition space, which now allows heterogeneous elements to uniquely encounter one another, such as psychoanalysis, primate research, early speeches given by Margaret Thatcher, contemporary art blogs, but also a Margiela collection for H&M and embroidery patterned in speculative constellations. Political-economic discourse and feminist leanings are visited, as are questions exploring the connections between artistic authorship, collective production, and the status of artwork, commodity, or object.

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