XX – the combination of chromosomes in females, the homogametic sex
XY – the combination of chromosomes in males, the heterogametic sex

Known mainly as a painter, Vladimír Skrepl (b. 1955) also creates installations, objects, and videos. While his raw and direct paintings are typically characterized by a childlike simplicity, the subjects of his latest paintings are crude and decidedly adult princesses.

Abrasive Canadian actor, director, artist, gay activist, and pornographer BruceLaBruce moves in eccentric art circles known as Homocore or Queercore.

Ondřej Brody (b. 1980) delights in testing the borders of art, often addressing taboo themes such as sex, masturbation, pornography, violence, and corruption. The Finnish artist Kristofer Pateau is a collaborator in many of Brody’s artistic works.

Viktor Frešo (b. 1974), who also works with Ondřej Brody on a frequent basis, operates on the very edge of what we still consider art. The short, condensed films of Mark Ther (b. 1979) fluctuate between melancholic serenity, perverse provocation, and total detonation.

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