Milan Salák once said that important things take place at the Academy.

The Academy of Fine Arts in Prague is the oldest art school in the Czech Republic.

Roland Barthes wrote: The beauty (unlike ugliness) cannot be truly explained. It is being expressed, confirmed and repeated in every part of human body, but it cannot be described. Just as the God (as it is empty as Him) it can just say: I am what I am. And all what remains for the debate is to proclaim the perfection of every detail and “the rest” can be resolved by referring to a code establishing all the beauty – the Art.

In the book S/Z by Roland Barthes the chapter Beauty adjoins the chapter Castration.

Lucia Patáková and Martina Smutná gradually changed their idea of barricade into a huge plasterboard wall separating the jury’s taste (Smutná, Patáková) from the remaining space.

Ztohoven once proclaimed that emptiness is the heart of public space.

Lucie Patáková and Martina Smutná changed from artists into curators.

Elias Canetti claimes that the ability to change which bestowed people such power over other creatures has remained without further notice and understanding so far. Such ability represents one of the biggest riddles: every person has got it, uses it and takes it for granted. But only few people are aware that they should be grateful for it as it is the best part of their beings.

Some time ago, Pavel Turek tried to describe in Respekt magazine the state of contemporary writing about music. In his opinion, a reasoned and assessing type of review is disappearing and is being replaced by different taste experts’ recommendations.

Jiří Ševčík replied in the discussion Artist: Recently there has been talks on so-called “wrecked museum” or “end of museum”.  This situation arose in 1976 when a derisive and critical term of “white museum block” serving just to an exclusive art selected by a specific aesthetics seen in every museum, appeared for the first time.

The internet search engine Google was founded in 1998 and Wikipedia in 2001.

The limit of my world is not only my language but mainly… see above.

Vasil Artamonov and Alexey Klyuykov are wrong. The only aim is not the future but the origin, at least according to Karl Kraus.

Umberto Eco restated the words of scholastic Fathers (Brody? Šimera?), saying that authorities have wax noses.

Karel Císař would certainly remark that such authorities are not compatible.

People on both sides of the wall clutch the same hammer. And they are all connected to the only one Internet.

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