Ephemeral Self – finite projectionsArtworks, representative set pieces of artistic work, carry out a self-owned occupation with what is identified by them through their and in their presence as the “impossible self”.Such occupations are experiments and final projections of a self whose existence remains volatile and vague.This can only be understood as linked – and consistent in the sense of the processual visibility as form – in the experiment. The experiment is a sketch of something that ends whatever begins in the formally existing work and yet can never be finally concluded.For the work in its sense, i.e. adjusted to its senses, is a projection of the impossible self. Transient but stable and in form in the actual realisation of the self as a kind of state.The in itself is the state of the same occupation with the incomprehensible self.The formal survival of these projections ends, however, in the eye of the beholder – temporarily and just locally embedded in the context of the exhibition. Finite projections.The works shown here are a compilation and overview of this connection, formal diversity of self-experiments; total performance or pure presence, which, even more than the form of individual artworks, is its body.The constantly recurring performance appears as the form of a finite projection; for works are relations between projection and clarity.The impossible experiment of a self in a stationary state. As self-experiment personal.The state of the representation is the as-if; here it is the in-itself.

(R. Gruber)

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