Marie Hladíková belongs deservedly to just few contemporary artists we can call visual poets. They can literally move pictures or enlace various relations between objects and symbols primarily due to their literary thinking.

It appears that typical condition for that thinking is the possibility to stay an essential romantic at all costs. The romantic concerns only with grandiose themes and finds inspiration chiefly in the country. An important precondition for life in a visual poetry is a long-term co-operation with a precise art style and an illustrative temperament that can dynamically expand to other related areas. To move a single picture, the poets have to trudge willingly in an obsessive way and isolated, across endless and often untransferable landscape of personal blasts and get voluntarily drifted by undercurrents of their minds. Notes from their journeys serve primarily as a technique of becoming aware of themselves.

In her earlier poems, besides romanticized positions related to landscape motifs, appear also inclinations to affected and at the same time undefined mysticism and trustworthy magic. This is represented by grotesquely horror figures expressing the form uninterchangeability of two beings – human and animal. Although at first sight each character evokes sympathy of a lonely warrior, we cannot help the feeling of their secret lining up into a sort of a tragic unity army.
We will not find these beings at her two recent exhibitions. The exhibition in the 35M2 Gallery or the one she made in co-operation with the artist Anders Grønlien she displays the place itself as a landscape threatening with an emptiness or a remarkable and attractive journey behind the world.
Theme of the recent exhibition of Marie Hladíková is the realization of her vision how a dry branch can connect the underworld of unawareness with a superpersonal consciousness. This time more radical and economic than other times, she changes the gallery space into a kind of esoterically sacred place or a home of invisible ghosts, where sound, smell, dark and light play an important role.


Michal Pěchouček

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