We protest against this year´s dramatic cut in subsidies provided by the Ministry of Culture for projects of the so-called live culture (theatre and dance performances, art exhibitions, concerts, publishing of cultural journals etc.)

We protest against the long-term cuts in funding. This catastrophic restriction is taking its course without public discussions or relevant argumentation.

At present the Ministry of Culture is financing almost solely itself and its own allowance organizations. It is absurd that there has even been a cut in the minimum sum of money which was available for all applicants on the basis of a decision of an independent non-governmental body of experts, without interference of politicians and officials.

We find that the present Minister of Culture Mgr. Alena Hanáková and vice-minister Ing. Martin Sankot are taking wrong managerial and political steps. This year´s liquidating cuts have been made despite the fact that the budget of the Ministry of Culture was increased!

We appeal for an increase of financial means to support cultural activities and especially grants – reaching at least the same amount as in 2008. At present about 2% of the budget of the Ministry of Culture is devoted to cultural activities compared to 3,5 % in 2012 and 5,5 % in 2008.

We appeal for open and continuous communication with the Ministry of Culture.

We require that the Ministry of Culture follow its own strategic materials – i.e. Concept of effective support of art in 2007 – 2013.

We call for an audit of projects assisted from EU funding since they are used by the ministry as an argument to support the present cuts of financial means for live culture.

Provided this does not happen, we demand the resignation of the present Minister of Culture.

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