A presentation for high school and university students was held in front of the Rudolfinum in Prague. At 5 pm there was a debate on the theme of “Why don’t we understand contemporary art?” by Milena Bartlová, Lenka Lindaurová, Jiří Ptáček, Tomáš Vaněk and Richard Nikl. Moved to the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design due to persistent rain, the debate was moderated by Mário Kubeš and broadcast online by the Czech Television. A presentation of Richard Nikl and his guests was held in heavy rain afterwards and was followed by a DJ set by Johana Švarcová.

Lesser known to the Czech society, Richard Nikl is a member of the new generation of international artists such as Ed Atkins and Oliver Laric. He is fascinated by the radical randomness of today‘s technological networks, the endless stream of images and constant modification of digital material which have radically transformed our notion of origin and reference. In 2012, he has exhibited his works along with two other artists in the Brno House of Arts.

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