XYZ is a creative ´enclave´ of Milan Tittel (1966) and Matej Gavula (1972). The artists have been engaged in a mutual dialogue since 1997.

They transform the same material into photographs or videos, and continue to develop their performance art. They reveal the extraordinary within the ordinary, which they abstract and offer or advance further in a pure form without unnecessary deposits. At the xy zelina exhibition Matej Gavla and Milan Tittel introduce three new collaborative projects xyzifos (2012), Re passage (2012) and Exkurz (2012), which record performance acts in urban space (with the participation of Miroslav Csölle). Roman Ondák (1966) is a visiting artist at the exhibition xy zelina. The displayed works respond to moments of displacement, change in context/ perception, intrusion, relocation, shift of time, waiting….

Lucia Gavulová

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