Summer is a proper time for the exhibition Vašek and Vašek – it passes the atmosphere of the two artists’ encounter they have been trying to arrange for a long time and it is finally coming about. They have both evidently good reasons for organizing the exhibition and there are parallels in their work and thinking. For example they both examine (sometimes boldly and brashly, sometimes as if obtusely) the originality and copyright issues. Here and there they manage to steal, borrow and give something, other times they look very authorial. They are both able to immerse into both serious and trivial themes but at the same time they have good mind to back away and watch them strategically or ironically and then take the plunge head over heels. The view from inside and outside sets the style of the theme interpretation – from an expressive division and narration, over (pseudo)conceptual series to abstracted shape and feature. One Václav noticeably burdens the media limits and they both burden the limits of genres. Although one of them is more experienced than the other one, they are both gifted with the ability to drag the viewer into the subject and problem, bind him with senses and composure and at the same time they propagate relativity of each view. That is why they are both coming together to show you and play, both in harmony and solo.


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