Hunt is one of the most primordial human skills of getting food that appeared long before the conscious and systematic vegetable growing. Thus it is rather an elementary survival technique.

Similarly like art, craft, cult, sex or human communication, the hunt has thousands and millions years long evolution. The hunt as a collective skill, social pastime or expression of social status, object of art, subject of scientific investigation, specialized occupation, hobby and relaxation, way of keeping the “balance” and finally also a modern transformation of hunt in “wilderness” into a factory farming which is the source of meat in a large scale. The archetypal human activity went through a significant change.

The Hunt exhibition does not aim to formulate positively any critical attitude or to be activistic in any sense. The main initiative was the work of artists dealing with the given theme in different ways. It is not an attempt to express any creative tendency with typical representatives but a thematic exhibition presenting pieces of art showing different points of view on the confrontation between man and animal resulting in the death of one of them – however we approach the fact. Different perspectives of each artist reveal a grotesque irony, fetishism, naturalism, fantasy based on mythical motifs and utopian attempts to change the situation. The variety of attitudes and means of expression creates not only an artistic mosaic of impressive works but is also open to all the questions addressing contemporary metropolitan people.


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