„Its main purpose was to warn every visitor, that they enter holy sacral space and  they are supposed to leave all worries and everyday problems behind.“

The Acropolis is an abandoned building, concrete shell, which shines in the landscape every day all year long. A building, that must be someone’s possession, but which doesn’t belong to anybody. A place stigmatised by recent pass, in which something unsaid still remains.
The relics shine whitely into the distance. Like a skeleton of a big animal.Slowly overgrows with vegetation, concrete pillars still resist time, massive ceiling protects them from deterioration.
It can recline there this way for many years: brick smokestack, ancient oaks, little creek’s basin, launched pond, every-present panels covered with colorful moss and night ramble among them, overgrown piles of soil, deteriorating new buildings with the 90’s optimism, messages on walls, bad graffiti, shriek of birds, rubbish produced by inhabitants from close villages, condoms at the base walls, smell of dry herbs, meandering road passed through by local farmers.
This place will captivate you.

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