The finalist, who studies and analyses the relationship between art, philosophy and the social sphere, is going to conceive his presentation as a speech in which he is going to introduce the basic methods of his work combining video, music and drawing.

In his speech called „Contradiction hits back. Transcendental knockabout comedy in 12 acts.“ the finalist, Václav Magid, is going to explain how he works with video, music and drawing, how he for instance sets to music political slogans while maintaining all the rules of musical composition and harmony and the way he consequently transfers them onto paper. A similar installation is to be seen at present in Veletržní palác in Prague at the exhibition of this year´s finalists of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award 2013. The speech he will give in Plzeň will therefore be based on a broader context and will deal with different topics – such as dodecaphonic composition with view to the contemporary social state of affairs, the meaning of theory of colours in art in relationship to institutional criticism or the search for the place of art in relationship to theory and practice.

2x comments “JCHA 555 Václav Magid: Contradiction hits back. Transcendental knockabout comedy in 12 acts.”

  1. Pavel says on15. Oct. 2013:

    Škoda, že jste to nenahráli celé…

  2. Ondřej says on21. Oct. 2013:

    Ano, nemáte to – třeba nesestříhané – celé?

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