The recent work of Mira Gáberová, a laureate of the Oskár Čepan Award 2012, focuses on an analysis and possibilities of expression of more ephemeral artistic forms.

In her recent works she either addresses the theme of everyday banal situations present in her personal and family life or investigates the place of an individual and his being in contemporary world, often implying autobiographical features. In a more specific way, Mira Gáberová deals with a nature of social interaction, the role of a common experience and mutual interaction of participants in the process and for the sake of creating the final artwork.

The exhibition SPORT in the Slovak National Gallery follows and further elaborates the theme present in her previous works, which were utilizing the methods and approaches of participation and performance. Comparing the two, at first sight, opposite fields of human activity – sports and arts, she thematizes the fundamental and omnipresent human features – competing and surpassing ourselves in excellence of performance.


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