The second exhibition in Studio Kostelní called Recipes for a mixture is a response to the theatre play Milena´s recipes, directed by Kamila Polívková, which deals with the life of Milena Jesenská and her daughter Honza Krejcarováin the form of a dialogue of two women talking about their lives in the kitchen. Pavel Sterec with his father Jan Jaroslav Sterec is going to render the same topic in a joint installation dealing with post-rational technological approaches.


Recipes for a mixture was supposed to be a joint exhibition with my father but so far I haven´t been able to get in touch with him. He left for a hippie commune in Wolimierz in Poland and doesn´t answer the phone. The starting point for this exhibition will be the unpleasant feeling I always get after the visit of a (fake?) healer who often comes to see my parents but luckily does not practice any treatment, only chats with them, talks about his abilities and drinks tea.

I hope my father will agree with the topic of the exhibition when he comes back. I guess that for him the visits of the healer are not unpleasant at all since he invites him and I hope he will have something to say about this.

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