The musicians were testing and recording new compositions during the stay not only in the acoustically specific station hall but also in other abandoned places.

We can find lots of ruins, unfinished or ruined buildings in this town.
One act video opera was made in the framework of residence, consisting of double video projection which was led by live performed music. The premiere was held on Tuesday 25th June at 21.00.
The residence was funded by Ministry of Culture of Slovak Republic.

Michal Paľko (cimbalom) graduated from Conservatory of Music in Košice specialized in composition, cimbalom and conducting. The audience was impressed by his cimbalom performance as well as by his new approach to playing the Slovak folk wind instruments and his effort to make them part of classical musical instruments. Later he resumed the Art studies specialized in composition and was attending the classes of profesor Vladimír Bokes at VŠMU as well as the cimbalon classes of Doc. Viktória Herencsár at Art Academy in Banská Bystrica. He graduated from the studies of composition under the guidence of profesor Wojciech Widłak at Akademia muzyczna in Krakow.
He has founded the avantcore group Shibuya Motors with Slávo Krekovič and duo MY LIVE EVIL with Alexander Platzner.

Miroslav Tóth is specialized in music composition, sound and audiovisual work of art (music video, film music, videoart) , history of music (20th century to contemporary music, including jazz, experimental music or metal, hardrock, punk, noise music etc.) He regularly give concerts in Slovakia as well as abroad.
He realizes the project Fruttu di mare (1. – 10.) as an author. He has founded international Improvisatory symphonic orchestra Musica Falsa et Ficta and the band Dunkeltherapy (I. and II. part). and has been the artistic leader.

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