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At the end of 2012 there were five candidates for the position of the director of the House of Arts in Brno. The Brno Townhall refused to make their names public referring to the personal data protection law.The selection committee  recommended Terezie Petišková. One of the two unsuccessful candidates was the previous director Rostislav Koryčánek who was removed from office immediately after the announcement of the results by the selection committee. The reasons for this premature removal from office remained unexplained. The confidential character of the selection procedure brought forth a number of speculations and guess-work. Who was the third candidate has remained a secret up until the present day. Therefore a wave of disaffectedness appeared  and at the beginning of the year 2013 a petition called Challenge 2013 was published criticizing the management of the Brno Townhall, mainly those responsible for culture and calling for the immediate resignation of the deputy mayor in charge of culture and the head of the cultural board. Experts for example demanded an explanation why the director”s mandate was not prolonged. The sole official argument of the Brno Townhall was the alleged decrease of the number of visitors. Therefore we compared the annual number of visitors between the years 2002 and 2012. In order to compare these numbers we first need to take into account a couple of changes. At the beginning of the period when Rostislav Koryčánek was the director the Brno House of Arts was undergoing reconstruction and the building was closed to visitors for the entire year. After the reopening a change in the method of measuring the visit rate was introduced. Originally the number of visitors was multiplied by the number of exhibitions running at that time in the House of Arts, i.e. multiplied usually by two or three. Moreover, the total number of visitors of exhibitions which were held in two calendar years were included in both years. The new method no longer multiplies the number of visitors by the number of exhibitions and in case of exhibitions overlapping into the following year the number is stated only in one year. None of the above mentioned facts were taken into account in the tables of the Brno Townhall. In our visit rate table we tried to unify the two different methods and that is why we multiplied the number of visitors by three during the period between 2007 and 2012. With view to the given facts we may claim that the visit rate during the years when Rostislav Koryčánek was director of the Brno House of Arts was not only comparable to the previous years but even slightly above the average.
Our aim was to draw attention to the misunderstanding related to the management of the Brno House of Arts and to foreshadow conflicts which arise between political representatives and professional management of cultural institutions.


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