The main characteristic of the “Screen,” an exhibition of works by Michal Pěchouček, is a combination of geometric abstraction and figural realism, simplicity and complication, impersonality and intimacy. The word “screen” could be understood as awall, a curtain, a partition, a shield, a projection screen, a TV screen, a filter – or as a verb describing the act of overcasting, covering, protecting, concealing. I have selected this word,with its multiple meanings, to name my exhibition, because it features several related motifs as well – several levels of a single theme, which also indirectly touches the walls, partitions,light, shade, projection, protection andsecrets. The exhibition’s clear leit motif is the combination of geometric abstraction with figurative realism – geometry being the messenger of both logical and intuitive thinking, realism being the ambassador of the past, of tradition, symbolism and iconographic genres.The aim is to combine simplicity with complexity, impersonality with intimacy, blankness with pathos.
Michal Pechoucek

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