The name Gallery 207 is a very down-to-earth name since it comes from the number of the room at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design where the gallery was located for five years (in October 2013 it moved to room number 405 but its name remained the same).  Behind the same door we can find the Studio of intermedia confrontation. Here the gallery coexisted with the studio, it was a separate space in the form of a white cube 3 meters by 4 meters and it gradually became its organic and inseparable part where students´ works were also displayed.
The foundation of the gallery was initiated in 2008 by Marek Meduna who was the head of the Studio of Intermedia at that time and who teaches at the Studio of Painting at present. The project was based on Meduna´s experience with the Gallery CO14 („every 14 days“) which he helped to run in 2002-3 as a member of the art group Rafani. However, unlike the Gallery CO14 where a new exhibition is opened every fortnight, here a new exhibition is held every week (with the exception of summer). Plurality is achieved thanks to this swift pace and reflects in a wide spectrum of media, art approaches, age and also shows to what extent individual artists have established themselves. The exhibitions are usually one-man-shows and sometimes the gallery co-operates with an „external“ curator. In short, exhibitions of established artists (especially during the first years of the gallery´s existence) such as Skrepl, Vaněk, Kovanda, Lang, Vajd &Alt, Černický or Zet (many of them teachers nowadays) have an educational potential for students (and not only students of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design) and in case of exhibitions of less known artists they have an emancipatory potential.
Among the gallery´s curators let us mention for instance Marek Meduna, Luděk Rathouský, Edith Jeřábková, Blanka Švédová and Václav Magid. The role of the official curator is based particularly on his ability to organize and give support, while the actual exhibition program should be the initiative of students. At present the activity of students is extended, since they take part in a seminar where they are taught to write reviews of exhibitions held in the Gallery 207 and where they are encouraged to create their own potential exhibition projects.
A significant part of the gallery´s activity are simultaneous presentations of the exhibiting artists and discussions held in the lecture hall which are open to the general public, but primarily to the students who can include these events into their study plan and get grades for attendance. The gallery is not meant only to create an exhibition space but it is also meant to create a space for discussion connecting the world of the art school with the „outside world“.
Therefore Gallery 207 represents a certain counterbalance to a large school gallery organizing mainly representative exhibition for a wide public. On the contrary, Gallery 207 is a small gallery of an experimental character and is supposed to help create a platform for the students´ further development.

Tereza Jindrová

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