Proved wisdom: Someone reads the other one writes.
Bim Bimbas

People are angels and every good deed brings the strength back – I am the theoretician of the world, you can feel the country rockotheques, gothic castles and fat harley bikers with beer in a plastic cup. Between 1993-95, the high point of the first fashion wave of blue-jeaned tattered shorts, denim jackets and long black hair, the heyday of unknown Czech band Lucie and their unknown dadaistic hits, high age of wristwatch combining elements of waves crossing triangles whose morphology deduced also the font on the record cover of Lucie Live 1 and 2 from 1992.

Hidden instincts will drag you out of the boredom. The DJ More is playing, there wasn’t any time and nobody is listening to him.

Do not announce post-mishmash, do not say the Lord’s Prayer until you are in the grave, baby.

Press report stained with blueberries, the Lord missed the toilet, one wants a competition and the other one tries hard, the third one is gifted from God.

1. The initial strategy in our post-rootless society is a search.
The search for personal God, conjuration tradition and ritual repose. Provisional eclecticism and desired rootlessness is nice. Identity can bear appearance of a mask. It arises outside criteria of common situations as well as it consciously casts a new view on its dual face.
2. The tradition of searching
Symbolic death of art and its potential resurrection as the avant garde revival which is identical with a neo post-modern birth. As a thought movement it explains or rather proves the connection of certain forms of contemporary art with Christianity which means a definite commitment to go back to the past life via therapeutical regression and to examine it with its own means and also to find new experiences in there.

3. The search for traditions
It is like searching for traditions and archetypes in our mentality influenced by Christianity and for our relation to psychedelia as a pagan phenomenon – and its possible analogy with a creative process.
Looking for an initial information whose comprehensibility and definiteness thematizes tradition as an affiliation with a tribe in a form of collective barbarianism inside of us or an affiliation with other microsocial models – sexual positions different from the missionary ones.
The range of approaches to the tradition subject from mere formality to creating a new own tradition by a genuinely individual way also reveals the process of gaining experience, selfself-reflexion and imagination through art media as a media of information or rather post-information based on relationship, process and its dynamics.

It evaluates and analyzes the approach to itself as a tradition and relativizes its own form thanks to a relative base of contemporary cultural contemplation. It records a process when a cultural life becomes cult and the breath of tradition becomes the tradition of breath.

4. Conclusion
You pretend not to think about anything, you lie down into a moss in a wood full of pine trees hot from the glowing sun, the wood used for building altars, sunshine, orange blue, violet, purple and black, curatorship activities of Matyáš Chochola, the terror of educated people and intellectuals is coming back.

The mind of a beginner – art that does not need any explanation.

Matyáš Chochola

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