Since 2005 ABLV Bank has been accumulating a collection of contemporary art, to become part of the collection of the Contemporary Art Museum as soon as it is built. With the exhibition “…for an occurrence to become an adventure…” at Riga Art Space from September 20 to October 27 ABLV Bank presented this collection to the general public for the first time.

Solvita Krese, the curator of the exhibition, introduces its concept: “The title of the exhibition is a reference to what the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre said – “For an occurrence to become an adventure, it is necessary – and sufficient – for one to recount it.” For a piece of art to become an adventure, it is necessary to tell it by including in an exhibition, collection, bringing it out into public space. By changing the conditions of this framework, by creating a new context, each time we can obtain a different story and an opportunity to interpret artwork in a dissimilar way, revealing ever new layers of meaning. This time stories become the intertwining thread of the exhibition, revealing the processes behind the scenes, underscoring the authors’ footnotes, conversation snippets, significant events, imprints of their time – facts, hypotheses, rumours and guesses, which often add an unexpected context to a piece of art and allows understanding and interpreting with much more flavour.” The photography of Sartre, taken by famous Lithuanian photographer Antanas Sutkus in Nida, in 1965, is chosen to be visual identity of the whole project.

The exhibition was complemented by a theater performance (created by Inese Mičule, Jurijs Djakonovs, Ģirts Šolis, Vilnis Vējš, Kārlis Freimanis, Laila Baumane and others), as well as an interactive educational game – adventure for high school 9 – 12 graders, encouraging connecting the pieces of art with their knowledge of physics, chemistry, history and mathematics.

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