Gallery 35m2 was founded in 2006 with the help of the owners of Café Pavalač who provided the space of a former workshop behind their café. The gallery consists of two rooms with an area of 35m2 and despite its brick vault it is a neutral space which does not determine the exhibited works of art. It is not a pure, sterile space as the „hundred-percent-white-cube“ , however the gallery has its specific atmosphere and is very popular among artists. The founding curators are Petra Steinerová and Milan Jaroš who was soon replaced by Michal Pěchouček. The gallery wants to present the work of the youngest artists – students and graduates of art colleges. Within the seven years of the gallery´s existence Gallery 35 m2 has gained a very good reputation and for most of the beginning artists who have exhibited there it meant great encouragement. Occasionally we can also find names of renowned artists among those who display their work there – e.g. Skrepl, Thýn, Vajd&Alt, Babák, Kovanda, Šerých, Nálevka, Zahoranský, Sceranková, Sterec, Magid – which strengthens the position of the gallery on the Czech art scene and contributes to creating an atmosphere of legitimization for young artists. There are mostly one-man shows or exhibitions of two collaborating artists lasting approximately one month. The gallery „focuses on contemporary painting and photography with possible crossovers towards installations or conceptual art.“ The spectrum of artists who have exhibited there is really broad and the curators say they aim at choosing artists impartially and without being influenced by any personal preference or taste. Their aim is to reflect current art trends and to enable young artists to show their work to the wider public also thanks to the adjacent café.

Tereza Jindrová

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