The Gallery etc. was founded by the artists Jiří Skála and Jiří Franta in 2004 as a place designed for exhibitions of young artists.

Franta and Skála worked on the gallery´s programme together with the curator Markéta Vinglerová until 2011. That year she took over the management of the gallery and was consequently joined by Radim Langer, Tereza Stejskalová and Martin Prudil.


Within its nine years of existence the gallery moved to different places several times. It started in Studio Dravec of Vladimír Strejček in Jaromírova Street, in 2007 it moved to NoD and since autumn 2008 it can be found in Kateřinská street in Prague 2 where it boasts about a gallery window approximately 11 square meters.


The gallery´s standard plan is to organize eight exhibitions a year but there are usually more. The gallery displays works by Czech, Slovak and foreign artists and is known to have organized exhibitions of early works by many artists who have become renowned in the meantime (e.g. Anežka Hošková, Evžen Šimera, David Böhm, Mark Ther and others).


Nowadays the gallery´s curators still want to continue to present distinctive works by beginning artists but they also want to pay attention to artists who have been pushed aside the contemporary art scene or a bit forgotten. The aim of the gallery is to encourage a dialogue across different generations focusing primarily on the quality of the works of art rather than on current trends. Simultaneously, the gallery also gives space to curators´ exhibitions which are organized along the exhibitions of the regular gallery´s team.


The gallery proclaims its role as a multifunctional platform emphasizing theoretical reflection. Besides exhibitions the gallery shows films, holds talks, discussions and organizes workshops and different events. According to the team of curators: „The gallery should be a functional confrontation space thanks to talks, seminars and art presentations. We feel it should be a laboratory for artists, a challenge for different activities which may exceed the concept of visual art and may touch other fields of culture, politics and society.“


Tereza Jindrová

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