The exhibition SELECTION 11.1 is a representative selection of the best works presented as part of an extensive exhibition project 11+1 held in Bratislava in February this year. The curators were choosing from a wide collection of works of young painters representing Studio IV of professor Ivan Csudai at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. The most recent large-format paintings, many of them painted directly for the 11+1 exhibition on unified-size canvases (Bartošová: Harbour, Czinege: It’s Been a Long Time Since We’ve Been in Here, Mrvová: Places we live in I, Sedlačík: View), were chosen to be presented to the audience in Prague. Special works on display are the works that painters worked on together (Bartošová & Czinege, Csudai & Šille), the selection also includes a presentation of works of professor Ivan Csudai. Graduation from the Csudai’s Studio IV is the connecting link that has brought together this team of strong artistic personalities demonstrating individual creative approaches, whose works have already been well noticed in Slovakia (documented also by their frequent exhibitions, works in collections and various recognitions). In this respect they are talked about as a generation of painters who have based their work on new technologies and have inspired themselves by other media such as digital photography, film, video, computer graphics and animation as well as street art.
The artists use various techniques from classical oil to spray paintings in realistic as well as abstract presentations to deal with these inspirations.
„The uniqueness of painting seen as a process or artefact survives, and painting lives its own revival. It works reliably and can develop – on its own, build on its strengths.“ (Ivan Csudai)

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